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re:the ark

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, Cunningham, Betty wrote:

>      >5. Only onboard activity for 40 days and nights of rain, PLUS the 180 
>      >days it took for the water to recede....sleep, and eat.
>      I've heard other activities are also popular on cruises.   That would 
>      be a lot of creaking on board.
That's true, but remember "procreating" was not allowed during the cruise.
Think how many offspring of rodents there would have been if not kept in 
..bummer of a rule...if not letting carnivores eat meat wasn't enough.

Another thing also...isn't it risky just having a pair of any 
animal...what if one is infertile.  And after the boat trip just think 
how long the practice of grazing conservation continued (not many plants 
left after a world wide flood) and how long did the carnivores have to
refrain from their usual dietary habits...hmm.

If Dinosaurs were included in the Ark passenger manifest, I am very 
certain they would still "Rule the World" today!  They have large egg 
clutches and fill many of the niches.

---John Schneiderman