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Re: I've heard the hadrosaurs singing...

>Robert T. Hill writes:
>>If they could vocalize, I'd love to hear their calls and/or songs.  I don't
>>suppose anyone has a field recording of a a Corythosaurus song? <g> 
>As a matter of fact I do! :)  There is a video called "The Great Dinosaur
>Hunt" (an episode of the PBS series "The Infinite Voyage") that includes
>a "music demo" by a researcher (sorry, I forget his name) who has built a 
>device that when blown into simulates the sounds that could have been
>made by crested hadrosaurs.  I recommend this video anyway!

That's David B. Weishampel, who (for those of you who've read _Hunting
Dinosaurs_) will be remembered for his honker.  ;-)

And, the dinosaur he worked with was Parasaurolophus - much easier to
construct bassoon-like structure of this one than the more coiled
Corythosaurus, Hypacrosaurus, or Lamebeosaurus.

Also, hadrosaurines were probably also quite good honkers, in that all have
enlarged external narial surfaces which were almost certainly covered with
fleshy tissue in life.  Who knows: they may have sounded less like wind
instruments, and more like giant frogs!!

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