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Re: Creationists and the ARK

It is a shame that the Bible does not provide a more detailed list of 
what animals were loaded...

1. All we have is a large boat...
2. 7 pair each of "clean" animals (domesticated livestock [mostly cattle, 
   sheep & goats, not pigs] & animals needed for ritual sacrifice [including
   birds]).  (Remember after the boat lands Noah offers 1 each of these as
   sacrifice of thanks).
3. 2 each of everything else..."unclean" animals [non-domesticated 
   animals (wild beasts, rodents, etc.) & pigs, reptiles, other birds (not 
   used in sacrifice), insects & aracnids, worms, etc.etc.etc.....  That is 
   alot of animals!  Of course if we only consider those animals on hand 
   within the region...(hmm.)

4. What to feed them...lots of stores (straw)...not a variety of vegies 
   (they will spoil)...yep! that includes Noah and his wife and their 3 sons 
   and their wives, all eating straw?!
5. Only onboard activity for 40 days and nights of rain, PLUS the 180 
   days it took for the water to recede....sleep, and eat.

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)