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Are bird dinosaurs?

Of course they are, just like bats are mammals. Are birds still birds? Of
course they are, just like bats are bats. 

What really irks me is the now frequent reference to land bound dinosaurs as
"nonavian dinosaurs". This is a useful description in a few cases, such as
when refering to who did and did not survive the interesting events at the
K/T boundary. But in general calling a brachiosaur a nonavian dinosaur is
like refering to an elephant as a nonbat mammal. Give me a break! 

Makes me glad I have gotten somewhat out of the often untestable nightmare of
taxonomy cladistic or otherwise (hell for Olshevsky and Gauthier will be
being looked in the same room for eternity, with an incomplete fossil record
to mull over). Paleometabolics is a much more straightforward affair.