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1 more thing about cybertech

The subject was supposed to be Why Dinosaur and human extinction is good,
whhhhhhhhhhhhhy why turned out so is unknown to this mass parallel
processing, analog-digital, electro-chemical 100 teraflop paleocomputer.

I know I said I was closing on the subject for now, but just saw a report on
CNN that was too cool not to mention. Seems that the mad scientists as Univ S
CA claim to have exactly determined the operations of a very tiny part of the
brain. Showed two walls of equations that supposedly describe the function of
the neural network in full. They have also built a chip that performs these
functions exactly the same way the neurons do, the functions of the
"artifical" chip cannot be told apart from the "natural" device. 

The purpose is to use the chips to replace brain parts lost to damage (so t

hey are also working on ways to hook the chips up with the brain). The chips
are still large, and they predicted 20 yrs until the brain chips are put in
people. Why they said so long 
 when they seem to far along already is mysterious, but in any case the
implications are obvious. Keep putting together more and more of these chips
as they get smaller and smaller, and pretty soon you have a complete
artifical brain! No need for the sloppy old affair we have been stuck with so

Even I was so shocked that I had to visit the emergency room to have my jaw
replaced. My coauthor who knows a lot more about what's up in cybertech was
surprised to hear about it. 

The cyberfuture approaches faster and faster. Humanity will soon be dead,
long live cyberintelligence!