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Creationism and a piece of "pi"

I have listened to the recent debate on creationism, and George O. and
others have stated the case against creation "science" better than I ever
could.  However, I have one observation to make ( although it probably 
represents the biggest departure yet on this list from the subject of 
dinosaurs! :) ).  The Old Testament (First Book of Kings 7:23) states:

    "Then he made the molton sea; it was round, ten cubits 
     from brim to brim,...and a line of thirty cubits 
     measured its circumference..."
Does literal Biblical interpretation as mandated by creationists, then,
insist that this Biblical implication that pi (the ratio of a circle's 
circumference to its diameter) equals exactly 30/10 = 3 must be taught in
MATH CLASSES (or at least be given "equal time" with the approximate
value pi ~= 3.14 that anyone can derive just by measuring a pie plate
with a piece of string!)???  Try THAT arguement on the creationist in
your life! :)

( I COULD go into the arguements that have been used in past centuries
  by fundamentalists to "prove" that the Bible is right and the piece
  of string is "wrong", but this is a dinosaur group after all... :) )
                            -- Dave