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Re: Creationists and the ARK

> Remarkably well thought out response, Thom.  You may not agree, but you 
> clearly have a more centered approach to understanding these people.  
> I have had my own discussions with creationist, primarily having to do 
> with the idea that two of each dinosaurian species were on the ark - - 
> one INCREDIBLY big boat, I imagine (reference "What REALLY Happened to 
> Dinosaurs," by John Morris and Ken Ham, Master Books, El Cajon, Ca).  

Don't tell the creationists but...  if _I_ was Noah, I'd just 
take eggs of each species and save on space big time.  No point 
taking a fully grown seismosaurus, just take half a dozen small 

Of course Noah would then have the problem of imprinting to deal with...