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Creationists and the ARK

Remarkably well thought out response, Thom.  You may not agree, but you 
clearly have a more centered approach to understanding these people.  

I have had my own discussions with creationist, primarily having to do 
with the idea that two of each dinosaurian species were on the ark - - 
one INCREDIBLY big boat, I imagine (reference "What REALLY Happened to 
Dinosaurs," by John Morris and Ken Ham, Master Books, El Cajon, Ca).  

"How did Noah fit all these big monsters on the ark?  Well, first of 
all, I do not think God would have brought the biggest, oldest dinosaurs 
on the ark.  He probably sent along young ones that would have babies 
after the flood.  Remember that many dinosaurs were not very large when 
they were grown and all of them were small when they were young.  

Secondly, although there are many different dinosaur names, there may 
have been fewer than fifty kinds of dinosaurs.  Creation scientists from 
ICR have show that there was plenty of room in the Ark for all the kinds 
of animals God sent to Noah."

The hardest thing is the level of honest belief I've been up against.  
It's hard to battle sincerity and blind trust, even when misplaced.
But it honestly bothers me to think of young children being so misled.

Kelly Milner Halls
Girl Dino Writer

You wrote: 

>As all "good" creationists, they go to THE reference of references, the
>Bible.  The creationist interpretation is that no creature was created
>carnivorous, as there was no death before the Fall of Man (they state 
>that plants do not "die" the same way animals do, so all animals began 
>as herbivores).  After the Fall, death entered the universe, and T. rex 
>et al. found that they were remarkably preadapted to life as 
>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
>Vertebrate Paleontologist
>Dept. of Geology
>University of Maryland