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Re: Veggie T-Rex (No Joke)

>A Creationist book has a theory that T-Rex was a vegetarean. This is a
>quote from ,"Dinosaurs, The Bible, Barney and Beyond" by Phil Phillips
>(Starburst Publishers, 1994). After a discussion on whether T-Rex was a
>hunter or a scavenger Phil writes,"Yet another group of scientists have
>concluded that T-Rex was not a carnivore at all. They pointed to the fact
>that the creatures serrated teeth are serrated along the length of the
>tooth-rather across the teeth-a pattern more consistent with creatures that
>strip bark,cane and smll branches from trees (rather than strip skin and
>flesh from a carcass). They also point toward the shallow embedding of the
>teeth in the jaw.The 7 to 11 inch long teeth are only embedded 2 inches
>into the jaw. To rip through skin with lizard-like toughness, would take
>considerable strength and they conjecture that the teeth of a T-Rex would
>have been more likely to be pulled than engage in such a task
>Like a good creationist he doesn't give any references. Has someone,
>outside the Creationist movement, seriously postulated that T-Rex was a
>herbivore? Any references would be appreciated and any information that
>refutes any of the above would be welcome.

As all "good" creationists, they go to THE reference of references, the
Bible.  The creationist interpretation is that no creature was created
carnivorous, as there was no death before the Fall of Man (they state that
plants do not "die" the same way animals do, so all animals began as
herbivores).  After the Fall, death entered the universe, and T. rex et al.
found that they were remarkably preadapted to life as carnivores!!

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