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Re: Birds and dinosaurs

Dear List,

        Please do not make the mistake of equating phylogenetic 
systematics (cladistics) and Linnaean taxonomy. The two are very 
different in both process and aim. Cladistics deals with theory of 
evolutionary history, and has only a secondary application to taxonomy. 
Linnaean taxonomy is the process of naming biological groups. It makes no 
assumptions, nor is it dictated by evolutionary history (at least it 
never has been). 
        Now whether naming of organisms SHOULD be done in a phylogenetic 
context is a different argument better taken up in a different forum...

jonathan marcot

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> Tom,
> If you're a cladist, then birds ARE dinosaurs. If you're a Linnaean or
> Mayrian taxonomist, then birds merely descended from dinosaurs.
> But if you want to be even MORE correct, you of course should say either (1)
> dinosaurs are birds (cladistic version), or (2) dinosaurs descended from
> [dino]-birds (Linnaean version); the Birds Came First (BCF).
> Pushing-his-own-version George