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Re: Building Blocks of T. rex (sorry about the last one)

>Sorry about the last "oops".  I am working on a piece for Highlights for 
>Children...a diagram of T. rex if you will.  I need to know what new 
>facts have been introduced, with each progressive T. rex find.  The US 
>specimens are not a problem.  But if anyone has details or contacts I 
>might use on British and Canadian owned specimens I would be most 
>grateful for the lead.
>Also, if you have a favorite forensic detail from any of the 20 T. rex 
>specimens found (could be 21 now, I know), please share! 

Don't forget the 19th Century specimens (as too many popularizers of
dinosaur research have done)!  Both Marsh and Cope described material which
almost certainly belongs to T. rex, Marsh's being refered specimens to his
species "Ornithomimus" grandis, Cope's the type of Manospondylus gigas.
Both sets of fossils are still in collections (the Smithsonian and the
American Museum, respectively).

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