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RE: Questions

 Diana Fucci wrote:

> The discovery of Protoavis seems to indicate that 
> Archaeopteryx is not the ancestor of all modern birds.
> Is Archaeopteryx on a separate line which has extincted?
> Is still possible that Dinosaurs are on the line which 
> goes to Protoavis and then to the birds?
> Is there a relation between Archaeopteryx and the strange 
> dino-birds Mononychus and Avimimus?

 I reply:

  I wasn't aware that Protoavis had been accepted as a true 
 bird. Last I heard of the specimen was a section in "Kings 
 of Creation",and opinions on the material were a bit 
 diverse. Some paleontologists even remarked that they were
 doubtful that all of the material belonged to the same 

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