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Re: On whhhhhhWhy extinction of dinosaurs & humans is good

On Tue, 8 Aug 1995, Paul Willis wrote:

> Without wishing to keep going over the same ground, (promise this is my
> last post on the issue), your vision for the future is impressive but does
> not even begin to address the problems facing us today. 

I would tend to disagree here (but you could probably have guessed I 
would from the content of the messages I've been posting recently :)
Future technology will solve many of the problems that face us now. 
For instance, the development of fusion power will reduce the amount of CO2, 
sulfur, etc released into the atmosphere by energy production, and 
hence solve (at least to some extent) the modern problems of acid rain,
smog, etc.
I'd also say (taking a balanced view) that people have many problems 
which technology cannot solve, because they are caused by human folly alone
(eg racial discrimination, wars). 
If we have enough sense to stop fighting and hating each other for 
unimportant reasons, and turn our attentions to solving the problems that 
face us all, I see no reason why future technology, and human ingenuity,
can not solve the problems of today.

Health, long life, and happiness,

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