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Re: On whhhhhhWhy extinction of dinosaurs & humans is good

Dear GSPaul,

Firstly, let me thank you for introducing a suitable net format for
stuttering in your chosen subject line.

Without wishing to keep going over the same ground, (promise this is my
last post on the issue), your vision for the future is impressive but does
not even begin to address the problems facing us today. Lets hope that the
environment hangs together long enough for us all to jump on to some
megahard drive (and hope no one accidentally kicks out the plug once we are

And, on another tack, I still haven't had any resonce to the possible
sistergroup relationship between Jim and Bob Bakker. I did not put this in
as a melitious flame, but it was floated as a rumour over here some time
back and I never could get to the bottom of it. So if any one out there
could possible shed any light on this question, I would be most thankful.
(And no, I don't want a list of possible synapomorphies!).

Cheers, Paul