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correction re T. rex

Perhaps a few facts should be checked before congratulations are in 
order. No archaeologist is working on the T. rex in South Dakota. No 
preparation has occurred since the seizure. The only archaeologist 
connected with the situation is a BIA adviser who has been asked to help 
advise on the best disposition of the specimen. There are no 
paleontologists with BIA; hence the archaeologist has been called to 
assist them in evaluating the situation. The archaeologist has no other 
responsibility for the situation and is definitely not in charge of any 
aspect of the case.

The Department of the Interior is the current custodian of the T. rex 
while negotiations and plans are being made. It has not moved the 
specimen and has not attempted to prepare it in any way. 

Sally Shelton
Director, Collections Care and Conservation
Federal witness in the 1992 civil case
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