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Just wanted to publicly applaud Dr. Kenneth Carpenter for his brave 
stance and statements regarding Sue.  Bravo!

Kelly Milner Halls
Girl Writer

>> Also heard the test price being floated for Sue is $20 million. 

>Yes, I've heard this as well from a commercial dealer.  The ironic 
>thing is that there were all those members of the SVP who fought hard 
>to get the specimen away from the BHI to prevent its sale, despite 
>Larson stating they wanted the skeleton for their proposed museum. The 
>preparation of Sue is being overseen at the South Dakota School of 
>Mines by an archeologist! This whole episode should show that the bozo 
>in charge of the FBI raid had his own agenda all along. Well, at least 
>I refused to get in bed with the Devil when I was approached to be a 
>"scientific consultant."