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Hi Ralph, 

  your message about Sue was forwarded to me by Virgina:

> Also heard the test price being floated for Sue is $20 million. 

> Ralph Chapman, NMNH

Yes, I've heard this as well from a commercial dealer.  The ironic 
thing is that there were all those members of the SVP who fought hard 
to get the specimen away from the BHI to prevent its sale, despite 
Larson stating they wanted the skeleton for their proposed museum. The 
preparation of Sue is being overseen at the South Dakota School of 
Mines by an archeologist! This whole episode should show that the bozo 
in charge of the FBI raid had his own agenda all along. Well, at least 
I refused to get in bed with the Devil when I was approached to be a 
"scientific consultant."


PS, yes, it was good to have Mickey with us, and I'm glad he survived 
the Valley of Death.