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Re: dinosaur science

Way to go George with your creationist assault! However, you come undone
with your last sentence;

>What educated person wants to waste five minutes on this MOB??

It must have taken you longer than five minutes to write your post!

For the record, we have to put up with the same set of wankers over here
but they appear to be waning in influence. Queensland is the worst state
for them, their headquaters are there, but that state can be dismissed as
little more than Australias Alabama (are you listening Tony?). I think that
the idea proposed to teach them along side each other to show what is and
is not science is interesting, even rather nobel, but misguided. Put
simply, the contents of a school science course should be science, end of
story. It is a political assault but the footsoldiers we get to meet are
usually blindly devoted and rather ignorant belivers. They must be
confronted, or they win by default, and the price to science of handing
control over to the likes of them is too high.

While I know this stuff should be on talk.origins, it also has a limited
place here because it does encroach on our subject. If that doesn't appease
the die-hards, dinosaurs, dinosaurs dinosaurs.

Cheers, Paul