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Re: dinosaur science

Dino George writes..
> I guess you have to live in the same city with a major creationist group to
> understand where those weasels are coming from. I reside in San Diego (though
> I've had to be in Buffalo, NY of late--yechh--BEAT ME WITH A STICK!! ARGH
> ARRRGHHH!!), of which the town of El Cajon is a suburb. 

And continues...

> Everyone MUST understand that the leaders of the creationist movement do NOT
> care whether you or I or science or whatever "believe" in the theory of
> evolution, the Bible, or anything else. They are out for POLITICAL CONTROL.

I'm not going to comment on the creationist issue.  I've learned that it's
foolish to enter into such discussions on the internet.

I'd just like to mention how incredibly strange this all looks to someone 
who has lived their entire life, not merely in cities devoid of a 
major creationist presence, but outside of North America.