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Creationism (errata /discussion)

Dear List, 
  Though it is not yet Monday, the volume of mail both on and off list
regarding my post has been remarkably high. I'll  bet I'm in for it tomorrow!
Anyway, one correction. I meant to use the word creationism instead of
"creation science". Some were led to believe that I even espoused the latter
just by saying it! I think the tone of my thread is quite clear and I will
speak no more of it. Also, some seem to think that I started this discussion
and sarcastically suggested that I should have been posted on another more
suitable list. Actually, I AGREE! But I DID NOT START THE THREAD. My only
guilt if any, was actually responding, very belatedly, to the thread as many
of YOU have. Since it continued, and continued and continued always with a
political bias contrary to mine, I had to respond. My purpose was to
demonstrate that there are more than one type of political view held by
members of this list. So please tone down your political attacks and get back
to talking dinosaurs. I don't care what your political/religious views are.
Show some "sensitivity" to those who may differ in viewpoint. 

As I said before, I hope this does not inflame anyone. That was not my
purpose. So let's drop this topic (I prefer banning it myself) and talk about
dinosaurs. Please!

                                   Thomas R. Lipka
                                   Paleontological/Geological Studies