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Creationism in schools

    First let me appologise for letting this thread go on even longer.
    I think that the entire idea of it's perfectly fine to have creationism
 in schools is inane.  Maybe most of you have been out of school too 
long to remember high-school biology, which for most is the last 
science class that people will ever take.  Take it from me, someone 
in high-school, creationism is NOT the last message you want 
people to take out of high-school science.  We all know that it has no 
scientific validity, but many people of course won't believe the facts.  
They would rather have a theology in their science class than 
science because they are afraid that it might shake their children's 
world view, and God forbid, cause them to think for themselves.  I 
think George Olshevsky hit the nail on the head when he said that it's 
not about science, but political power.
    Just picture my biology class last year durring the teaching of 
evolution.  The first day, my teacher said that he couldn't teach it as 
fact because he might get sued.  He also said that all other theories 
were non-scientific.  Another day, members of Overlake Christian 
Church (Just picture Jim Bakker in the suburbs of Seattle) started 
ranting Bible quotes about the "creation" and how Mr, Peeples (the 
teacher) would go to hell if he wouldn't accept it.  He countered that 
by showing an episode of "Cosmos" (Carl Sagan) which Sagan 
recounts the history of life on Earth.  He tells the story of how these 
strange crabs in Japan got what looks like a face on their shells.  He 
"accidentally" left the TV on past what he was "supposed" to show 
while he was in the other room.  Sagan was pounding creationists 
saying that they were ignorant and such.  If this was not so very 
important, the events of the week that they taught about evolution 
would seem almost comical.  These people already have their minds 
made up and their childrens' for them.  We cannot acknowledge that 
we approve of their brainwashing and lies by letting creationism into 
public schools.  If we do that, then we should teach lessons in 
astrology durring the astronomy classes, have "flat-Earth-theory" as 
an alternate to planetary sciences durring the Earth science classes. 
 You know that would be wrong and a waste of time.  The creationist 
would probably complain that we would be teaching their kids B.S.  I 
guess you have to have half of your best friends be creationists to 
really understand the frustration surrounding this issue because you 
want so mush to have your friends not be scientificly ignorant and 
viewed as idiots.

Peter Buchholz