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Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs...

Oh, I know it looks like this belongs in another forum, but see the end of my  
paragraph 1 for relevance to this list. Besides, I'm working on Sunday:

> I cannot see the problem with putting "creation science" in schools
> NEXT to evolution science.

Me either, Thomas. And because you voice (type?) this opinion, I'm confident  
that if you aren't a school teacher, you take time to visit at least one  
classroom every school year, or lead a school field trip, or partner with a  
teacher.  I'll bet you have some cool demonstrations to introduce the  
scientific method, leading students to develop their own hypotheses and test  
them (in any context, not necessarily creation/evolution, but preferably a  
subject at least as engaging--which shouldn't be difficult, given the *real*  
subject of this list!). 

I trust you (and everyone else on this list) are already doing this regularly,  
and can flame me (not the other list subscribers) into oblivion. (Picture me  
getting out my asbestos mouse pad and wrist rest...;-))

Yours 'til the "evolution story" gets equal time in every Sunday School,

Kata McCarville
Colorado School of Mines