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Re: dinosaur science

I guess you have to live in the same city with a major creationist group to
understand where those weasels are coming from. I reside in San Diego (though
I've had to be in Buffalo, NY of late--yechh--BEAT ME WITH A STICK!! ARGH
ARRRGHHH!!), of which the town of El Cajon is a suburb. The Institute for
Creation Research is located in El Cajon, and their doings make the local
newspaper (the _Union-Tribune_) with some frequency. For example, they've
been trying unsuccessfully to peddle their "textbooks" to the school system
for years, because they have a warehouse full of them and they've had to
stiff the printer (who has sued) because they can't get their money out of

Everyone MUST understand that the leaders of the creationist movement do NOT
care whether you or I or science or whatever "believe" in the theory of
evolution, the Bible, or anything else. They are out for POLITICAL CONTROL.
They want the power to tell us and our children what to do, and they want to
command our wallets the way that other gang of thieves and grifters, the
(local, state, federal) government, does. They are not out "seeking the
truth" or "offering an alternative to the theory of evolution." Those are
smoke screens. They use religion and debates and propaganda and endless
arguments about evolution to gain media exposure and to distract us all from
their primary goal, the quest for power.

Not that they really have a snowball's chance in hell of GETTING political
power; but the fact that they THINK they can makes them an irritating
nuisance. They keep paleontologists and other basically honest people going
around in circles with phony "debates," wasting everybody's time with their
drivel. Worst of all, they try to insinuate themselves into the school system
to teach children their lies, to get to them at a tender age when they have
not yet learned to discriminate truth from pseudoscientific theo-baloney.

There is just no point debating creationists on scientific grounds, because
they cannot comprehend scientific arguments; or if some of them can, they
choose not to respond, because it would interfere with their ultimate goal.
Creationists--rightly--see science and scientists as enemies, as major
barriers to the acquisition of political power; so no scientist will ever
"convert" one of the higher-ups. Note, too, that the hard-core creationists
have surrounded themselves with stupid, superstitious, but often basically
innocent "believers" who have bought the creationist lies and really think
scientists are their enemies. Others in the creationist camp, such as sellout
biochemist Duane Gish, have simply been paid to argue the creationist line as
renegade "scientists."

What educated person wants to waste five minutes on this MOB??