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Re: Mononykus sex

>Some adaptations may only be used once or twice in the life of an animal, but
>if they involve reproduction they will be selected for.  Consider the
>vestigial arms of _Mononykus_, which are apparently only good at grappling
>something about as big around as its own trunk diameter and holding it close
>to its own chest -- like another _Mononykus_ perhaps?? If mating required any
>length of time, or if courtship involved considerable grappling, that would
>explain the big claws (to dig in through the feathers) and the big olecranon.
>Yes or no?
>David Peters

Or, Who Knows?  Except that modern birds the size of Mononykus seem to be
able to mate quite effectively without grappling (though there may be some
biting), so why should Mononykus have had to do otherwise?
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