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Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs...

>Also,  I tend to agree with the poster who speculated that the
>was a creationist -- school boards in Texas at least are being >overrun with

***This is NOT a Flame*********

Why are all you educated people so intimidated by creationists? Don't get me
wrong, but I cannot see the problem with puting "creation science" in schools
 NEXT to evolution science. Most level headed individuals, even those
terrible Christian types, would see the fallacies, misinterpretations and
even misrepresentations of the creationist view. It simply does not stand up
to scrutiny! On these merits alone, evolution would win out. Hands down.
Remember the shoe was on the other foot up until the Scopes trial.  As a
proponent of evolution, I still cannot see the problem unless the real
problem is a political one (ie. not PC). If that's the case then get over it!
I have sat here and read countless leftist barbs against the new order of
things and have held my tongue. Since many of you seem to relish
opportunities to mix politics and science (and religion), I too will not hold
back my conservative (viz a viz right wing) tongue. this is not a threat, nor
a flame., just a statement to the list that there are other views other than
the traditional left view espoused by many on this list. I hope no one is
offended by this statement but I have been good and refrained from chiming in
in political terms, I ask the same of  all members of this list, or to be
respected by this list when I _do_ chime in from the right as I have for you
on the left! Again, this is not a threat, flame,  taunt, whtever. It is
simply notice that there is no homogeny of political views here.

                                  Thomas R. Lipka
                                  Paleontological/Geological Studies