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Beware AOL and RPI Modems!!!!

To my fellow AOL'ers,
             It has become known to me through great heartache and
aggravation that those of us who have Zoom brand modems are _going_to have
mail_problems! Zoom uses RPI which is different from the Hayes standard which
we all know and love. Consequently, AOL uses certain compression and flow
control features that RPI is incapable of emulating. The result is impossible
mail uploads, or extremely l_o_n_g uploads, auto aborts and cut off from AOL
and a host of other heartaches. The newest version of AOL (2.5) seems even
more suceptible. I have had major comm problemss, and have suffered a ver.
2.5 software crash! DO NOT TRY THE (WINRPI) "correction" software!~ The best
answer is to get a Hayes compatible, next bet is to (and AOL and RPI suggest
it) is to slow down your modem speed to 9600bps and edit your modem string as
after the AT&F characters BUT before the ^M, insert S37=9N0 (THAT'S A ZERO).
You get _fairly_ reliable upload/download connections or elde, suffer my
fate! No wonder ZOOM products are so cheap!

                                   Thomas R. Lipka
                                   Paleontological/Geological Studies
  BTW, I have had to reload AOL 2.0 because, 2.5 is npw corrupt and  I also
had to call AOL who have been _very_ nice and are sending me new ver. 2.5