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Re: "Natural" atomic explosio...

>Flying goat raised this topic in a muddled  recollection.  My own
>recollection is also muddled, but as I recall it was  a bit 
>farther south in Africa than the Sahara.  The date was earlier
>than 3 Ga.  It was not an explosion as such but rather a contained
>nuclear reaction rather like an atomic reactor, continuing for a >few
thousands of years.  This does not require partitioned >isotopes of uranium,
merely a high local concentration. 

   I may be muddled as to the date, but I NEVER said ANYTHING about an
explosion.  That was VanKathy.  I said "reaction" clear as anything in the
original post.  As to location, I believe I am still correct as I was using a
map for reference that I had seen once (I know, great ref) that had an "x" at
nuclear event sites, and the "x" that particularily caught my interest was in
the Sahara. 
   Perhaps this would be in addition to the Gabin site everyone else is
talking about.  Perhaps I reallly AM muddled as to location. 

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)