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Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs Science?

hello all -

i am adding to Bill Wallace's query with regards to popular psychological 
or metaphysical interpretation of Dinosaurs.

and equally, a positive i should think weighed against such negatives 
(imagine actually even suspecting that dinosaurs were 'satanic' - 
fantastic) would be any discussion at all of the poetic, transcendental, 
or eschatologically implications of dinosaurs.

i am a writer and artist and am proud of all of those and all of you who 
work to literally chip away at the mysteries; engaging our species in a 
knowing and a connection that obviously cuts across time itself.

any really interesting dino dreams or dino-insights along the lines of a 
Kekule ourobouros dream, or a vice versa?

i usually lurk and just appreciate and cull postings for inferential 
skeletons and language, but we are lately close to a point where some 
discussion of the metameaning of dinomeanings might prove worthwhile and 
helpful; rich; provoking; even empirically utilizable.