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Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs Science?

I'm new to the list.  Not a scientist, but a lifelong dinosaur lover.
  Although I am fascinated by paleontology, and by the discussions I've
already read here, I am also very interested in dinosaurs as cultural
objects, and the way our society views them.  The person who said they were
one of the best ways to teach kids the wonder of science was right on the

Also,  I tend to agree with the poster who speculated that the administrator
was a creationist -- school boards in Texas at least are being overrun with
them.  I was curious to see if anyone else has encountered a subset of the
creationists who believe that dinosaurs are satanic --  the most evil
creatures that ever lived, according to one passionate believer I met a few
years ago.  Anyone else met a zealot of this sort?

Bill Wallace