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Re: Mononykus

>From: DPterosaur@aol.com
 > As a newcomer to the forum I'd like to know more about _Mononykus_.  > 
 > I'd like to know: 
 > What is the place of _Mononykus_ in theropoda, if not closer to living birds
 > than _Archaeopteryx_?  

Well, there is argument as to whether is avian or not.  So, it could
be a bird, rather than just a theropod.

Alternatively, since the entire maniraptoran clade is extremely
similar to birds in many ways, it could simply be a maniraptoran
that is convergent to birds in some respects.

*Or* it could be evidence that George Olshevsky is right, and theropods
are "derived" from "birds".  (That is, the clade contains many flying
forms, and many of the later ground forms are secondarily terrestrial).
 > What was the use of the foreclaws?

Burrowing is the most likely explanation I have seen.
But that borders on speculation.

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