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Re: Is the Study of Dinosaurs Science?

At 9:05 AM 8/4/95, Amado Narvaez wrote:
>I have been working the past few weeks on an elementary school curriculum
>unit on dinosaurs, and someone commented to me that a county/district
>level administrator had complained: "Dinosaurs are not science. I wish
>they would take them out of the curriculum." I haven't had a chance to
>ask the administrator why he/she felt that way, but thought I would poll
>the readership here for their comments and responses as supporting testimony.

        OK, here's my $0.02:

        Anyone who thinks that dinosaurs, or the study thereof, is not
scientific, should be forced to sit through all the science classes one
must take to become a paleontologist of _any_ kind, let alone strictly for
dinosaurs, both undergraduate and graduate.  They should also be forced to
do the scientific research and thinking required for professional papers.
Only after this minimal term of 8 years can they know enough to state
whether it is a science or not.  What, do they think all paleontologists
are a bunch of know-nothing crackpots who just happened to talk their ways
into university and museum positions?  Gee, maybe public school
administrators aren't real businesspersons.  I'm sure they'd appreciate
such reciprocality.

        >-(  BLEAH!

Jerry D. Harris
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Southern Methodist University
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