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Regarding the next evolutionary stage of life on earth (cyberbeings):

One interesting characteristic of cyberbeings would have to be MODULARITY. A
typical cyberbeing might consist of a "personality module," wherein would
reside the mental faculties. It might resemble a black box with lots of
interfaces for inputs. Attaching to the personality module (but not
necessarily all at once) would be a huge number of different kinds of
"interaction modules": a walker or wheeled vehicle for ordinary surface
transportation, an aircraft for flight, a spacecraft for interplanetary
travel, and so forth. The personality module would "wear" any of the
interaction modules as naturally and intimately as we experience our own
bodies. Other detachable modules might include sensors for various
wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing the personality module
to experience "vision" in all frequencies from radio to gamma radiation; and
interfaces to factories, mining equipment, and any of the other "job-related"
facilities required to keep the cyber-civilization running.

Naturally, the interfaces could also be used for communication between
personality modules. Indeed, at electronic speeds, it would not be long
before all the cyberbeings melded into a single, solar-system-wide
super-cyberbeing, each individual personality module having access to the
experiences of all the other personality modules. Over time, subject to no
internal limits or constraints, such a super-cyberbeing would consume the
entire substance of its home planet, converting it endlessly into more
personality modules. Essentially immortal and with limitless patience, the
super-cyberbeing would then spread itself outward into the rest of the galaxy
and eventually the rest of the universe, using the energy generated by stars
to power itself for quadrillions of years into the future.

Wotta life!

George O.