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Re: re:tucking

>     Also, while kangaroo ARE bipedal (sort of) AND have tails, I long ago
>     discounted kangaroo as a viable comparison for dinosaur because of the
>     wierd hip/femur structure they (kangaroo) have.  I had a comparitive
>     anatomy instructor in school that pointed out that kangaroo simply
>     can't take alternate strides with their back legs. Their hips won't
>     let them.

Partially, almost totally correct, except for tree kangaroos.

>     I don't even think they
>     could scratch behind the ear with one foot as most animals do.  Their
>     hips simply won't let them.

Again, mostly correct, except for tree kangaroos. All other roos and
wallabies use their hands to scratch behing their ear.

>     I spent several weeks at the SF Zoo
>     during this class, drawing and observing kangaroo and wallabies, and
>     never saw one take any kind of alternate stride.   Wierd, isn't it?

Not if you are a kangaroo.

Cheers, Paul