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Mickey R., dino digs, etc...

It truly was a pleasure to have our own Mickey Rowe join us in Canon 
City for a week of prospecting and collecting dino stuff.  Hauling 70 
lb. field jackets out of the "Valley of Death" in 100+ heat really 
proved his love of paleontology,(or a secret death wish - I'm not sure 
which).  Without complaint he endured huge swarms of pesky gnats that 
tried to infiltrate any bodily orrifice available.  Our camp may have 
been too tame for Mickey, however, as he did remark on the small amount 
of beer drinking that went on ( you party animal,you).  No one can 
question his courage - he took his life in his hands with the crack 
about the shrimp - but I expect that Ken will have forgotten it by next 
year,and we hope to see him again whereever we are digging.

                        Virginia Tidwell