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Re: Junk Mail

> On loan from the Denver Museum of Natural History is the
>centerpiece of their museum, most of the _Stegosaurus_ that was
>air-lifted out of Garden Park under Ken Carpenter's direction two
>years ago (or was it three, Virginia?)

        It was the Summer of '92 (not to be confused with Bryan Adams'
Summer of '69).

>"little naked
>Jeff".  You might want to hurry on the latter one because he will
>likely sign onto the list soon!  (He's a good sport, though, and has
>less to fear from me than, oh, say... Jerry Harris!  Having a heart
>attack yet, Jer? ;-)  Ooooo, I just noticed how appropriate you new
>address is! ;-)

        Ah, that would undoubtedly be Jeff Martz, a future paleontologist
now-undergrad at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins.  He's doing some
research on a new mosasaur specimen from thereabouts.

        And...dare I even inquire what sort of smarmy rumors Ken is
spreading about moi?!?  (He loves to do that.)  All I can say is:  remember
I can forward your "shrimp" comments to him in retaliation!  ;-)

Jerry D. Harris
Schuler Museum of Paleontology
Southern Methodist University
        (Compuserve:  73132,3372)

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"South American Animals and Their Lice"

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