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 I really think there is a middle ground here that we can reach. I have always
 found the gentlemen's agreement on non-advertising on the Internet to be a
 bit unrealistic if not hypocritical in many cases. For one thing, people are
 advertising themselves in various ways - and sometimes not at all subtlely
 in cases where people are directly soliciting post-docs, etc. Don't get me
 wrong, though, that's the way it was always going to be and should be. Also,
 we get indirect advertisements of people recommending other people's books
 and materials - which is also why many of us subscribe. I consider it
 hypocritical that it can't be done directly because many times these
 recommendations are done as favors or as part of reciprocal agreements
 between people (I'm not thinking of anything on the Dinosaur List here,
 though). My favorite example was on one of the Fractal lists I was monitoring.
 One of the most prolific contributors accidentally sent to the whole list
 a note to a friend asking him to plug his book on the list. THAT WAS

 I want to hear about things dinosaurian that have an academic slant to
 them (and I define this broadly). I think it should be done tastefully
 with short notes inviting those more interested to contact the person
 directly to keep volume down. I'm more concerned about advertisements for
 fossils because selling fossils, especially some vertebrate ones, is a
 much more complex issue but I'm also not one to throw a whole blanket
 on a group of people that have both good people and not so good people
 involved (which sounds like the rest of the world to me).

 When George the O joined the list, he did so with a bang (not unusual for
 GO). However, he has publications that are of interest that you can only get
 through him. Consequently, we need to hear how to get them and from my
 standpoint, I would like this useful information. Heck, if I can read
 messages on robot dispersal I would also like to learn when new books
 are out, how I can get them, etc. - and the same for casts and sculptures
 and other art which has some relevance to dinos and other groups we talk

 Now that I mention it, I have this new book out...

 Just kidding. Anyway, if we all use our heads and try to be courteous
 and just ignore any idiots that send us mail on Russian mail-order
 brides (There actually was an ad sent to the Crustacean list for this!!!!!)
 we can all get info we wish to have and can still talk to each other
 about dinos.

 By the way, I think Greg and others will have to go a lot further than
 they have to tell me why the ways humans hold their hands and arms while they
 run and walk is all that relevant to bipedal dinos. I think they can get
 there in many cases but there's a lot of work left to justify it.

 Your pal going to Jamaica for Cold boot on Saturday,

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH