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Systematics (was: Greg Paul, Theropods...)

Hi Peter!

>Well... I guess I am one of the few that still use the Linnean system 
>at least part of the time...

I have no objection to the Linnean scheme as such, except for its
potentially confusing nomenclature, e.g. if Vertebrata is a subphylum
of Chordata, and Tetrapoda is an infraphylum, and Endosauropsida, 
Theropsida, etc. are superclasses, then are the Amniotes a 
subinfraphylum or a superduperclass? :)

>I do not use reptiles at all.  

Good for you!  For my part, I only use the term "reptile" to
describe people I hate. :)

>I use Synapsida for cold-blooded synapsids; 
>Mammalia for warm-blooded synapsids (ie mammals + therapsids); 
>Anapsida for anapsids; Lepidosauria for lizards, snakes tuaturas and 
>such; Eusuchia for cold-blooded archosaurs; and Aves for 
>warm-blooded archosaurs (ie ornithodira or endosauropsida).  That's 
>just me however and just like always I'm sure that no support will be 
>gained from the list because most of y'all tend not to like my 
>systematics.  I would put Plesiosaurs and Icthiosaurs and the like 
>tentatively in the Lepidosauria.

Your systematics make sense to ME!  I would only use "Endosauropsida"
( one of my favorite "megawords" :) ) for the warm-blooded archosaurs,
containing the orders Pterosauria, Pseudosuchia(?), Theropoda, 
Sauropodomorpha, Ornithopoda, Thyreophora, Marginocephalia, and Aves.

                        -- Dave