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As long as _Longisquama_ has been brought up, what does the group think
those long "quills" were for?  Does anyone go along with some restorations
I've seen that show _Longisquama_ using them as wings, so that it could 
glide like its "colleague" Podopteryx?!

( By the way, I admit to being a bit of a die-hard fanatic when it comes to 
 nomenclature -- I continue to use a "traditional" name for a being if it
 is an apt one--like "Podopteryx" (its legs had wings!), "Brontosaurus"
 (footsteps of thunder!), "Dinichthys" (terrifying fish!), or even 
 "Deinodon" (terrifying teeth!)--even if the name is not official...Call
 me weird, but that's me :) )

                            -- Dave