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RE: thermoregulation

barrick@meavax.nrrc.ncsu.edu writes:

>Isotopic evidence on ~1 m long juvenile hypacrosaurs (upcoming in Paleobiology)
>and on small adults (Protoceratopsid, Orodromeus) and larger adult
>Hypacrosaurus (in review) as well as T. rex (Science) all indicate that they
>were pretty good homeotherms.  The small size of some of these individuals
>indicates the necessity of endothermy in order to maintain homeothermy (though
>not necessarily mammalian or avian metabolic rates).
>For those of you stressed about diagenesis we found a nice cold-blooded signal
>from a varanid (in review) from the same formation as several of the dinos.
>Are all dinosaurs metabolically equal. No. I've also found evidence of a
>heterothermic nodosaur (in prep).

Do you have enough results yet to say whether homeothermy runs in clade/family 
lines, or whether it is an adaptive factor for various lifestyles/niches?
Clearly mammals and current birds are obligate homeotherms, but were dinos?
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