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Re: Junk Mail

With regards to George Olshevsky's long "advertisement", let me throw
in my two cents.  Old-timers know that I've done my damnedest to run
this list as anarchically as possible (but Terry, try to keep the Ted
Holden stuff out of here please!  We could probably do without
references to creationism too... if you want to battle on those lines,
there are a few other places that cotton to it a bit better).  That
said, though, it does seem that there's something that might be
considered unethical about using the net's current anarchy as a means
for making money.  The reason is that a lot of people are subsidizing
such activities via tuition money, taxes, direct costs for their
internet connections and last but not least the humble volunteer time
of people like me.  Now, since it appears that most everyone who
expressed an opinion about George's post was glad that he sent it,
then in this particular case I guess I have no problem with the ad.
If any of you were bothered by it, though, please write to me and/or
George in order to give me a better idea of who and what to complain
about vis a vis similar advertisements in the future.  (We'll call
this "anarchy with directed peer pressure" ;-)

And now with some fear of seeming hypocritical, let me ask you how
much you'd like to know about the Garden Park Paleontological Society.
Based in Canon City (there's a tilde over that first n, so it's
"Canyon" City), Colorado, they are trying to put together a visitor's
center at Garden Park a few miles away.  Garden Park (for those of you
as ignorant as I was prior to the tour Ken gave me) is a site of
tremendous importance for dinosaur paleontology both for historical
reasons and because there's still plenty more dinosaur bone in them
thar hills.  GPPS has already raised a considerable sum of money to
build a small museum to tell people what sort of animals have been
found there.  On loan from the Denver Museum of Natural History is the
centerpiece of their museum, most of the _Stegosaurus_ that was
air-lifted out of Garden Park under Ken Carpenter's direction two
years ago (or was it three, Virginia?)  People at the GPPS' museum,
the Dinosaur Depot, are preparing the animal out of its field jacket
in a room with many windows through which museum visitors can watch.
I have no affiliation with GPPS whatsoever (other than that I'm aware
of who they are and what they plan -- and something of what it will
cost).  Nevertheless, I'd still like to know if I should post more
specific information to the list, or just send the info to those that
ask for it.  Specifically I'm concerned about distributing information
about joining the society.  In a sense, it would be similar to sending
information about cost etc. for joining the Dinosaur Society, so
consensus might be that I should put it out for all to enjoy.  I now
leave that decision in your hands.  In any case, I expect that I will
talk more about the society when I get around to telling you all about
my experiences in the field; members of the society did play a big
part in keeping us alive out there!

One more thing...  I don't want to wait any longer to say that Ken
Carpenter is even more fantastic in person than he is on the net.  He
gave me some VIP treatment that was deeply appreciated, but also
totally unnecessary (me, a VIP?  It is to laugh! ;-) Stories of his
cooking abilities are also true, but Virginia and I could do without
the shrimp :-) (Lest there be any doubt: although Ken is short, I
really mean the malacostracan crustaceans he prepared; that wasn't
supposed to be a cheap shot ;-) If you want to harass me into talking
more about the field, ask me about the two solpugids I saw (given
discussions here last month I thought it hilarious that the first
non-human animal I saw in Colorado was a solpugid!) and "little naked
Jeff".  You might want to hurry on the latter one because he will
likely sign onto the list soon!  (He's a good sport, though, and has
less to fear from me than, oh, say... Jerry Harris!  Having a heart
attack yet, Jer? ;-)  Ooooo, I just noticed how appropriate you new
address is! ;-)

More later...

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)