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Re: Dino Feathers

>Regarding the "pt" combination (and also "pn"): My understanding is that in
>the original Greek both consonants are pronounced together regardless of
>where they occur in the word, so it sounds like someone spitting. In English,
>it is normal to drop the "p" at the beginning of a word when it precedes an
>odd consonant; but in my obstinate way, I pronounce the "p" even there. I
>also say "kuh-NIFE" instead of "knife." So if we ever get together to talk
>about pterosaurs or pneumatic tires, watch out for the spray.
>As if that weren't bad enough, I'm also getting into the habit of pronouncing
>_Ceratosaurus_  "ke-RAT-uh-saw-rus," ceratopian "ker-uh-TOPE-yun, and
>_Triceratops_ "try-KER-a-tops." Just a personal quirk.

        Fortunately, my neighbor and good friend is from Athens, and I'm
able to test my (mis)pronounciations on him.
        Right now, however, we're all dealing with flooding, tornados,
downed power lines, and the other unpleasant aftermath of "Erin." For a
vague idea of what conditions were like here a few hours ago, see (for
example) Stout's cover of volume 2 of _Dinosaurs Past and Present_ (Czerkas
& Olson, eds. 1987)!

            -= Tuck =-
    (Melbourne, Florida)