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Looking for ExDig item from 1-2 months ago

Forwarded to dinosaur from extropians due a possible cross-posting.

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Subject: Looking for ExDig item from 1-2 months ago
Author:  extropians@waterville.warwick.com at smtp
Date:    2/8/1995 11:51 AM

I'm sending this as a "reply", so it's going to you, Harry Hawk, with the 
"waterville" in the address, rather than the general list.  I hope you can 
help me, if not, then you or I can repost my inquiry to the general list.

I BELIEVE this was in the Extropians digest, and I BELIEVE it was one to two 
months ago, but I save all the digests on my hard drive & I've been unable to 
find it.  There was a post from a paleogeologist (?right term?) who was 
looking for money to complete an atlas of fossils collected in the American 
West.  He was willing to name a species after anyone who could donate the 
funds.  I thought this would be a good item for the financial magazine I 
write for, and I'd like to get in touch with him.  Sound familiar?  Findable?

Secondly, I notice you are in New York.  Seems like most of the Extropians 
are in California.  Are there any Extropian events in New York?  Or any other 
Extropians here?  If answers to the last two are no and yes, maybe we could 
institute some kind of monthly meetings at a NY restaurant or bar.
Thanks for your help, Harry.
                                                   Jim Melloan