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Re: A nomenclatural problem

> In reviewing my dinosaur list, I have found a tricky nomenclatural
> problem.  According to most of my references, the type species of
> Tornieria is T. robusta.  However, Olshevsky's list cites an article
> which reportedly determined the type species to be T. africana.
> This is important, as "T." robusta is a diplodocid, while "T."
> africana is apparently a titanosaurid.  I need to know which one
> really is Tornieria!


Gigantosaurus robustus E.Fraas, 1908
  renamed Tornieria robusta (E.Fraas, 1908) by: Sternfeld, 1911
    renamed Janenschia robusta (E.Fraas, 1908) by: Wild, 1991
      (type species for Janenschia)


Gigantosaurus africanus E.Fraas, 1908
  referred to Barosaurus africanus (E.Fraas, 1908) by: Janensch, 1961
    renamed Tornieria africana (E.Fraas, 1908) by: Sternfeld, 1911
      (type species for Tornieria)

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)