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Re: Why not Dynamosaurus?

>I've read that Barnum Brown named the first T. rex skeleton that he dug
>up "Dynamosaurus".  Why doesn't this name have priority over T. rex,
>like Apatosaurus did over Brontosaurus?

Although the skeleton which was later named Dynamosaurus was found first,
the name "Tyrannosaurus" was *PROPOSED* first!  (Actually, on the same page
as Dynamosaurus, but still before!!!).  It doesn't matter what order the
skeletons were discovered, only the order the names were proposed.

And, if anything, the name with priority would be Manospondylus gigas Cope
189X (can't remember the last digit), but NOBODY wants to replace
Tyannosaurus rex with that!

(M. gigas is based on a single centrum [body of the vertebra] from what is
almost certainly a T. rex.]

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