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Re: The "s" in Ceratopsia

Regarding Ceratopsia vs. Ceratopia, the original spelling could stand, since
the ICZN does not rule on taxonomic names above the family-group level. But
Ceratopsidae, Protoceratopsidae, Ceratopsinae, etc. are incorrect original
spellings that the ICZN mandates must be changed to Ceratopidae,
Protoceratopidae, Ceratopinae, etc. This is generally how they're written in

In 1997, the ICZN may adopt laxer rules that will allow any old spelling to
stand, with "prevailing usage" the criterion for acceptability. This will
take a lot of the fun out of zoological nomenclature for me; I consider it a
distinct step in the "dumbing down" of science, civilization's last bastion
of intellectual excellence.

George O.