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Re: Dino Feathers

At 12:58 PM 8/2/95, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>Most life restorations of _Archaeopteryx_ show the entire body covered with
>feathers, as in modern birds. Yet there is not a shred of evidence for
>extensive, all-over contour feathers in that genus. Strictly speaking, as far
>as the fossils are concerned, feathers in _Archaeopteryx_ were confined to
>the forelimbs and tail. Even modern birds retain scales on their hind legs
>and feet, so perhaps in _Archaeopteryx_ scales covered much more of the body
>than that.

        Agreed!  Although I keep hoping someone else will turn up a new,
all splayed-out specimen with feathers as wonderful as those on the Berlin
specimen, and we can answer the question of leg feathers on the animal once
and for all!  8-)  I'm not so positive about feathers around the back of
the head on _Archaeopteryx_, or even on the neck.  Maybe new specimens will
also add to the data on the possibility of hair on pterosaurs.

Jerry D. Harris
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Southern Methodist University
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