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Re: A nomenclatural problem

The type species of _Tornieria_ is _Gigantosaurus africanus_ E. Fraas 1908.
This was not a reference to Seeley's 1869 genus; Fraas thought he was
erecting a new genus _Gigantosaurus_. Since the latter name is preoccupied by
Seeley's, the new name _Tornieria_ was given it by Sternfeld, 1911, with
_Tornieria africana_ (E. Fraas 1908) the new type species. 

Fraas, however, had erected two species in _Gigantosaurus_; the second,
referred species is _Gigantosaurus robustus_. When Janensch reexamined the
material, he discovered that _Tornieria africana_ resembled the American
diplodocid genus _Barosaurus_, so he referred the species to that genus as
_Barosaurus africanus_. But the species _Tornieria robusta_ he left hanging,
and pretty soon workers came to think of that as the genotype species.

Recently Rupert Wild (1991) reviewed the status of Fraas's species and
straightened things out. _Gigantosaurus africanus_ is based on diplodocid
material best left separate from _Barosaurus_ and properly called _Tornieria
africana_. _Gigantosaurus rubustus_ was made the type species of the
titanosaurid (but in my opinion it is more likely an andesaurid) genus
_Janenschia_ as _Janenschia robusta_. And in case you're interested, the
third species, _Gigantosaurus dixeyi_ Haughton, 1928, was made the type
species of the titanosaurid (actually andesaurid) genus _Malawisaurus_ as
_Malawisaurus dixeyi_ by Jacobs, Winkler, Downs & Gomani, 1993.

George Olshevsky