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Re: Cyberlife,evolution-off topic,long.

>From: Sundance Bilson-Thompson <kickaha@student.adelaide.edu.au>
 >      As for the pollution that humans have caused, I'd just like to
 > point out that no species in the entire history of life has existed 'in 
 > harmony with the environment'. The earliest photosynthetic organisms 
 > spewed out pollution without a care. The fact that we can't live without 
 > this pollution (O2) tends to blind us to the fact that it's introduction 
 > to the world in huge quantities was an environmentally destructive event 
 > at the time.

Or, as I put it, O2 is one of the most corrosive, poisonous and
generally nasty substances on the Earth.  This is true despite the
fact that we happen to require it to survive.  Adaptation to toxins
often develops into a dependence on them.  [This is known, for instance
in cases of insect adaptation to insecticides).

 > ... as the
 > inappropriately named Neo-Luddites choose to. Low-tech ways of doing 
 > things tend to be more polluting than high-tech ways, and technology 
 > gives us the best way we have of finding non-polluting ways to 
 > manufacture products, transport food, etc.

I would especially like to emphasize this point from ano
ther direction:

Humans have been overutilizing resources for all of history,
from the salinization of the irrigated fields that Sumeria
depended on for food, to the massive soil erosion in Greece
during the classical and Hellenistic eras, to the Roman tendency
to overexploit the outlying provinces (thus destroying their

 >      My personal opinion is that it would be a pity to drive a species 
 > to extinction, but that humans are a truly unique and wonderful species. 
 > A lot of people act as if we're awful, a judgement based on the fact that 
 > we wage war and genocide, enslave our fellows, etc. But so do other species.

>From chimpanzees to ants, war is widespread.

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