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Italics On Line

At 3:31 PM 8/1/95, Terry Colvin wrote:
>Note: An asterisk "*" indicates italics.

        Just a point of netiquette here:  there are a number of ways of
delineating italics on line, since transmissions from multiple platforms
and fonts in cyberspace can't carry formatting (yet).  One of the more
common is to denote words surrounded in asterisks, as Terry did *here*.
However, I feel that the best way is to use underlines preceding and
succeeding the word -- in printer's terminology, underlining means italics,
and printers want copy submitted with word underlined that will be
published in italics.  Thus, in most of my messages, you'll see words like
_this_, indicating the underlining.

        And, just to be nitpicky  ;-)  , since dinosaur names are
scientific names, not common ones, they should _always_ appear in italics!

Jerry D. Harris
Schuler Museum of Paleontology
Southern Methodist University
        (Compuserve:  73132,3372)

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