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Re: Dino Feathers

>I have often seen cormorants spread their (dark) wings out in the sun to
>dry them after diving.  I also have recently seen vultures, along my route
>to work, sitting with their wings spread out at their roosting spots on
>foggy mornings.  I'm assuming that they are also trying to dry their wings.
>In such a case, they are likely trying to heat the wing surface, and not
>trying to raise body temperature.

        This is interesting; I didn't know this.  If _Archaeopteryx_
frequented the lagoonal shores of Solnhofen, then undoubtedly the feathers
would get wet at some time or another, and this seems plausible as a
mechanism for drying.  However, I still don't find it likely as a
thermoregulatory mechanism, which was the original inquiry.  Thanks for the
info!  8-)

Jerry D. Harris
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